Results: Students compete and advance to state Skills USA competition

Students place at state contest.

Students prepare months in advance for Skills USA competitions.

Over 60 students placed in their respective Skills USA competitions on February 14 and 15th.

Eric Manuel, the engineering teacher, said he is happy with the results of the competition.

“I feel that the students represented the district well,” Manuel said. “They were more successful due to their hard work and dedication to the skills they have been learning in the classroom.”

Placing in Animation (instructed by Peter Landrey):

1st (team): Maya Lenox and Ife Tobun

2nd (team): Emilio Macias and Nicholas Berreondo

5th (team): Jacob Gonzalez and Cody Rogers

2nd in prepared speech: Daniel Birckbichler

Extemporaneous Speaking: Maya Lenox

Advancing to state in Job Exhibits: Maya Lenox, Ife Tobun

Placing in Advertising Design (instructed by Jay Lamar):

1st in Screen Printing: Sarah Chanvong

1st in Career Pathways (team): Randy Gaytan, Natalia Sanchez, Trinidad Rodela

1st in Charter Display (team): Randy Gaytan, Natalia Sanchez, Trinidad Rodela, Annette Hernandez, Sarah Chanvong, Alex Serna

2nd in Ad Design: Randy Gaytan

3rd in Ad Design: Emilio Macias

5th in Ad Design: Trinidad Rodela

2nd in Outstanding Chapter Member: Randy Gaytan

1st in T-Shirt Design: Annette Hernandez

3rd in T-Shirt Design: Alex Serna

4th in T-Shirt Design: Randy Gaytan

1st in Pin Design: Annette Hernandez

Blue Ribbon Projects advancing to state competition in Illustration: Randy Gaytan, Natalia Sanchez, Emilio Macias

1st in Job Exhibit (team): Nicholas Garus and Crystal Molina

Placing in Carpentry (instructed by Cliff Bartosh):

3rd in Hands-On Individual: Luis Perez

4th in Hands-On Individual: Homero Iturralde

2nd in Innovative: Castle Chest by Luis Perez

Best of Show/Blue Ribbon project advancing to State (team): Trailer House by Storey Diaz, Adrian Gomez, Juan Solis; Play House by Brian Alvarado, Gustavo Ayala, Diego Colmenero, David Rojas; Mystery Machine Bunk Bed by Chris Carroll and Homero Iturralde

Placing in Collision Repair Technology (instructed by Jason Tyler):

4th in Hands-On Individual: Abdiel Vigil

Individual Blue Ribbon Projects advancing to State: Victor Alanis, Jason Alvarado, Ricardo Bocanegra, Coraima Esparza, Gloria Espinoza, Humberto Lechuga, Yosimar Lopez, Edgar Mancia, Alicia Martinez, Bryan Robles, Jesus Rodriguez, David Valle, Abdiel Vigil

Best of Show Chapter Project advancing to State: ’68 Camaro

Placing in Computer Maintenance Technology (instructed by Eric Manuel)

2nd in General Quiz Bowl (team): Austin Clarke, Chris Elizarrias, Timmy Lam, Lucinta Lee, Jordan Calhoun, Roxanna Canales

1st in Outstanding Chapter Member: Jessica Escobar

1st in Telecommunications and Cabling: Fidel Herrera

1st in Internetworking: Ivan Ontiveros

Placing in Culinary Arts (instructed by Karen Harris):

1st in Food and Beverage: Peyton Clark

Blue Ribbon Project advancing to state: Fondant by Emilio Covarrubias, Erica Delgado, Scarlett Juarez, Juan Rodriguez

Placing in Drafting (instructed by Marissa Alsabrook):

1st in Career Pathways Showcase (team): Ramiro Arenas, Victoria Hernandez, Caroline Jones

2nd in Principles of Technology: Micah Fadeley

3rd in Principles of Technology: Loretta Millirons

Placing in Engineering Related Technology (instructed by Eric Manuel):

1st in Engineering Technology (team): Ramiro Arenas, Loretta Millirons, John Parker

1st in Land Surveying (team): Jessica Escobar, Andrew Ortiz, German Lopez

2nd in Land Surveying (team): Caleb Griffith

4th in Land Surverying (team): Ramiro Caballero

3rd in Prepared Speech: Timmy Lam

Placing in Media Technology (instructed by Nancy Noyes):

2nd in Quiz Bowl (team): Leo Alvarez, Sara Hamby, Edward Ramirez, Natalie Reyes, Eric Rodriguez, Michelle Torres, Kevin Johnson

Broadcast News Prouction (team): Coebry Clemons, Manuel Garcia, Cameron Lee, Eric Rodriguez, Noah Valdez

Placing in Welding (instructed by JD Chambers):

1st in Welding Art Sculpture: Javier Gutierrez

4th in Individual Hands-On Welding: Miles Malone

1st in Welding Fabrication (team): Ivan, Landeros, Isidro Razo, Javier Gutierrez

2nd in Welding Fabrication (team): Janae Hooper, Anthony Mosley, Cecilio Vincente

3rd in Welding Fabrication (team): Damian Torres, Eric Ramos, Trevor Hindman

The next step for the students is state. Manuel’s hope is that the students advance from state to nationals.

“I’ve already started preparing the students to study at the national level of complexity,” Manuel said.

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