Math teacher Chad Fitzgerald visits the culinary arts classes each year to teach the cake decorating unit. He is the owner of "The Cake Guys" in Duncanville. (Olivia Davila photo)

It is not unusual for students in culinary arts class to get the opportunity to taste and eat their assignments. It is also not unusual for them to get a visit from Math teacher Chad Fitzgerald. He doesn’t come to the cooking class to check their measurements. Instead he is the owner of “The Cake Guys” and gives the class a sweet treat while helping them brush up on their cake decorating skills.

“Mrs. Blackmon has been asking me for a while to teach a class,” Fitzgerald said. ” Since, they’re staring their cake decorating unit, I thought it would be good for me to show them some techniques, and give them some pre-knowledge before starting the unit.”

After finding out Fitzgerald was the owner of Cake Guys , culinary arts teacher Faye Blackmon said she uses this as another opportunity to enrich the curriculum for her class every year. She said this has become the most anticipated unit for the class.

“Our students respond very well to him and that’s why he’s so valuable to us,” Blackmon said. “Not only does he have expertise but he comes to share it with other students.”

Having Fitzgerald teach the class ever so often also helps guide students such as junior Presley Smith in their future plans.

“I can use the class that Mr. Fitzgerald teaches to help my career as a pastry chef,” Smith said.

While Fitzgerald is showing students how to form the flower for a cake, students watch attentively. One by one, he throws back a bit of fondit and gives students such as junior Amanda Delgado a chance to try it themselves.

“It was a real interactive assignment,” Delgado said. “The different techniques we learned have given me new ideas for my future.”

Hands on interaction and the opportunity to give students a taste of his away from school job is what Fitzgerald says he hopes to do as he visits the classes.

“Once they leave high school, the students have many different routes they can take,” Fitzgerald said. ” My goal is to show them what I know, so they can learn and make better decisions about their careers.”