Q&A with DHS head librarian Jen Tahaney about technology

Tweet Over the summer some new technology was added to Duncanville High School’s campus. This is a Q&A with head librarian Jen Tahaney about how the technology will benefit the students and teachers on campus.

SAT/PSAT tutoring starting Sept. 7

TweetPre SAT and SAT tutoring sessions will be available beginning Sept. 7. “It will teach the kids how to take timed tests,” Teacher Margaret Thomas said. “They need all the time they can get to learn techniques of using their time efficiently.” Tutoring will be offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students will be able [...]

2011 MTV VMA’s way better than last year

TweetThis years video music awards were very fun. There wasn’t a host, Lady Gaga was dressed up as a man the entire night and Beyonce showed off ‘ the love growing inside of her’ literally. Also a lot of great first time acts like Young The Giant, Adele and Jessie J.   Lady Gaga started [...]

2011 Panther Tale Yearbook delivery set for Aug. 31

TweetThe 2011 Panther Tale Yearbook has arrived. The books will be delivered in front of Room I117 and I111 After School on Wednesday August 31, Thursday Sept. 1 and Friday Sept. 2. Books will not be given out during any classes or during Passing Period so do not come by and ask. You Must pick [...]

Homecoming applications now available for pick up

TweetHomecoming applications are now available for all students who wish to run for 2011 Homecoming Court. Principal Mike Chrietzburg first gave approval for Homecoming applications in 2005 as a way to prevent popularity from being the main factor in the Homecoming selection process. As an alternative, a points system is now in place to determine [...]

Q& A with New High School principal Elijah Ganger

Tweet This is a Q&A with the Audio & Video Production student Daleica Connley and new high school principal Elijah Granger.

Control the “Monster” in You

TweetGoing from there last soft sounding hit single, “Only Exception,” Paramore rises to the top with a new song that brings out more of Hayley Williams’ vocals to the plate. “Monster”, is what I call ”Paramore’s Next Big Hit”. With it’s solid guitar beginning and Hayley’s strong vocals. This song is more than just a song [...]

Taking Back Sunday’s “Faith”

TweetThe group Taking Back Sunday had a hit with “Sinking into Me” for a moment in the year 2009, but really it doesn’t compare to their new hit single for the summer of 2011. Taking Back Sunday’s “Faith(When I Let You Down)” has captured eyes with it’s classic lyrics and loud fitting instrumentals. Then topping [...]

Schedule change forms begin Monday

TweetSlips to see the counselor will be distributed on Friday. If you want to see a counselor these slips must be completed. The slips must contain specific information stating what the problem is that needs to be corrected.  If students just write “schedule change” on the form they will not be seen. Students must state [...]

High Hat Show Off Night scheduled for Aug. 27

TweetThe High Hats annual Show Off Night will be held in the Old Sandra Meadows Gym this Saturday night starting at 7:30pm. ” I’m very excited. I’m expecting the unexpected” senior High Hat Amber Tennison said. Show Off Night consists of various dances learned over the summer at dance camps or some choreographed by the [...]