Halloween Show

Tweet The Halloween show features a group of high school students looking for the killer. Playgoers can also go through a haunted house prior to the show as well. Photographers Maria Sifuentes, Sarah Siddiqui, and Tatiana Marceleno were on hand to shoot the show.

Varsity Football vs. Timberview

Tweet The Varsity football team played against Timberview on Oct. 21. Photographers Ariana Canchola, Chase Apperson, and Julio Munoz were on hand to cover the game.

JV Football vs. Timberview

Tweet The Junior Varsity Football team played against Timberview on Oct. 20. Photographers Abigail Padgett, Issac Bivins, Tricia Virtue, Ariana Canchola, and Olivia Davila were on hand to shoot the game.

Band Halloween Party

Tweet The Band had a Halloween Party on Oct. 27. Photographer Cherokee Polk was on hand to shoot the festivities.

Cross Country District

Tweet The cross country team finished their district season this week on a familiar course at Midlothian’s Camp Hoblitzelle park. The girls team finished fourth with Ana Salazar advancing to the Regional meet later this month. Photographers Ariana Canchola, Erika Torres and Ana Monzon were on hand to cover the event.

Local church marks anniversary for the original Hell House event

Tweet2011 marks the twentieth anniversary for the well known Hell House event hosted by Trinity Church in Cedar Hill. This “House” is along the lines of a Halloween attraction but by no means in the norm, with its demon like tour guides, coffin scene, and Heaven and Hell experience it’s surely an eye opener. A [...]

Photos Varsity Panther Football vs. Mansfield Timberview

TweetThe panthers faced Timberview at Mansfield. Photographers Julio Munoz, Ariana Canchola and Chase Apperson photographed the game.

Student athletes cope with injuries, eager to return to game they love

TweetIt was during the middle of the big game against Colleyville Heritage. Panther linebacker Travonte Wheaton entered the huddle with his team like he always does. He left the huddle and ran to the line of scrimmage to face his opponent. He back peddled, turned in and back out and that is when he said [...]

Q & A with Band Director Jeff King about China trip

TweetLast year in July, band director Mr. King was asked to go to China to promote the book he wrote called Foundations for Superior Performance co-written by Mr. Richard Williams. Q: Why did you go to China last summer? A: “Last December I went to the Midwest Orchestra and Band International Clinic in Chicago and [...]

Photos: Band director Mr. King teaches in China during summer

TweetDuring the summer Mr. Jeff King taught students in China as part of promoting his book. The photos were taken by a photographer there in China.