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Personal Column by Allie Peregory, Managing Editor

Christmas has lost its’ meaning.

I realize not everyone recognizes Christmas as the day Christ was born, but as I get older I notice people are losing the true meaning behind Christmas. Love.

Whether someone believes that Christmas is about the love God had for His children to send a Savior, or love between friends and family, this holiday is not about us. Christmas is about showing love to people in our life and even the strangers.

The mall is a zoo a week before Christmas. It is a guarantee there will be hundreds of people practically running over each other to make sure the get their hands on the new iPhone or designer jacket or whatever item they so desperately want to have for Christmas. Moms with stress and worry lines etched on their forehead chase after their children and try to keep all of their purchases together as they make sure that every person on their list has the exact gift they asked for under the tree sparkling Christmas tree Dec. 25.

Presents are nice. Do not get me wrong, I appreciate gifts from my loved ones. But the stress level people have during the holidays just because they want to get a present for every person in the family is ridiculous.

There are children all over America that would not even have a gift under the tree if it weren’t for churches or other organizations that “adopt” them and bring them a present. So who are we to not only hope for, but expect a neatly wrapped item under the tree every year? Yes, we are fortunate and our families have the means of making our Christmas wish come true, but it is important that we recognize that Christmas is about being in the spirit of giving. Not getting.

My youth group recently went to a Mariott hotel where we made fleece blankets for children at various hospitals throughout the metroplex. Hotels took monetary donations through the year and gathered fleece to make blankets. Each hotel had a quota to gather ten blankets a month. Our youth group made over 25 blankets in one visit. That is 25 lives we had an impact on. No matter how small or insignificant it may seem to make 25 blankets. That is what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is about putting others before ourselves. The holiday season is not about gifts, homemade candy or that guy you want to catch under the mistletoe on New Year’s Eve. There is always someone out there that could use some help, even if it sounds like something as silly as making a simple blanket.

This Christmas make a difference. Show some love.