Live Coverage: Boys varsity basketball vs. Mansfield

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Live Coverage: Pantherettes vs. Mansfield

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Girls’ looking to sharpen skills prior to start of district play

TweetToday the girls varsity soccer team will head to DeSoto in one of their last games before district looking to sharpen a few things before opening against Grand Prairie next week. “We want to pass the ball more and get more touches,” senior Tania Cavazos said, “also communicating some more and reading each other better, [...]

Mcquaid takes the floor as freshman starter for Varsity Panthers

TweetBefore the start of the varsity Panthers game, freshman Matthew McQuaid takes the court and stands outside the key, making one three point shot after another. As one shot goes in, his teammates pass the ball back to him and he hits another, then another and then another. When the game gets rolling, he takes [...]

Hopeless Records- Love Is Hopeless Album

TweetReleased to please those singles for Valentine’s Day. Hopeless Records created a mash up of various bands in an album called Love Is Hopeless. An album that is not only thoughtful for the fans. It made me happy to see this, because it not only had my favorite bands playing. And also songs that have [...]

Freshman Boys Basketball vs. Midlothian

Tweet The boys freshman basketball team played agains Midlothian on Jan. 27. Photographers Ariana Canchola, Chase Apperson, Melanie Smith, Tricia Virtue, and Xavier Goode were on hand to cover the game

Ingrid Michaelson Human Again

TweetIngrid Michaelson returns with her sophomore album, Human Again. After rising to fame with her song ‘The Way I Am’ in 2007 as the insert song for Old Navy as well as Grey’s Anatomy and other television shows. Her new album ditches the kitchsy sound she was well received for and opts for a darker [...]

Video: Varsity girls and boys basketball vs. Cedar Hill

Tweet Varsity girls and boys basketball vs. Cedar Hill. Video created by Kris Vasquez

Student designs unorthodox dress using Panther Prints newspapers

TweetUsually Panther Prints is on the hunt to showcase the student body. However this time it is Panther Prints being showcased by senior fashion design student Vivianna Ruiz. While students were discarding their used issues of the school paper, Ruiz was collecting them in an effort to acquire enough to create a newspaper dress for [...]