Boys soccer enters tonight’s game looking to seal deal on playoff spot


Senior soccer captain Hector Sifuentes is headed into tonight's game with a winning attitude. The team is in a must win playoff position. (Julio Munoz photo)

After being postponed because of rain last night, the boys had another day to prepare for a game against Mansfield Timberview tonight that determines whether or not they will make it to the playoffs. The boys’ season has been a roller coaster but they look to seal a playoff spot tonight.

“We’ve had an up and down season,” head coach Nuno Passos said, “but we’re really excited to be in a position to compete for a playoff spot tonight.”

The team has been competing well staying close to their opponents over the last few weeks and picking up wins to put them in a position to seal a playoff spot tonight. Players on the team are optimistic that they can get to the playoffs after tonight.

“Everyones really pumped up going into tonight’s game,” striker Tony Mendoza said, “I think we’re all ready to go out there and we’re just in it to win it.”

Nervousness rises and hope awaits as the team gears up for the big game. Passos said the team has done everything they can to prepare for a spot in the state tournament including watching film, scouting their opponent and practice extensively.

“Now its just time to execute in the game here in this last week like we have prepared to,” Passos said.

The importance of tonight’s game was recognized by assistant principal Dr. Terry Eason who visited the boys in the locker room for a motivational pep talk this afternoon.

“You are being led by one of the best coaches,” Eason told the team. “If you maintain a winning attitude and believe in your team then the reward will be great.”

After the speech, the team left with more of a winning spirit. Senior Hector Sifuentes said it was a great speech.

“He gave me a different attitude and now I feel ready to play for the win tonight,” Sifuentes said.


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