ESL students conquer language bariers, set to graduate

TweetSenior David Moreno started high school in a country he never even visited before. He didn’t know the language or the culture of the people at his new school. He left all his friends in El Salvador when his family came to America his freshman year. He knew very little English, but with the help [...]

Dulce Barajas finds niche for acting through high school years

TweetShe kept her mind steady and words natural. Senior Dulce Barajas scrunched up her face and pouted her lips as she brought her fisted hands up in front of her. Her character Red Riding Hood was going to fight the big bad wolf that was right in front of her. The stared at each other [...]

Rachel Cartmel leaves behind over 10 years of memories from Duncanville High School

TweetTen years ago, senior Rachel Cartmell roamed the halls of the high school. Trailing behind her mother, Calculus teacher Paula Cartmell, she would wave to teachers who passed by and hug members of the custodial staff. Today, she continues to wave to friends who walk in the halls, greet her teachers and stop to chat [...]

2012 Graduation to be broadcast live

TweetIf you are unable to attend graduation tonight for whatever reason the whole graduation ceremony will be broadcast live. Click Here to connect live to the broadcast.

Spring Football Game

Tweet The DHS teams play against each other on May 25. Photographer Taijae Douglas was on hand to cover the game.

Hill finishes senior year strong despite losing her mother to cancer

TweetSenior Kristin Hill walks to the choir room at the end of the hall and pauses before opening the doors. It’s been a long day already, but she continues to keep herself together for the sake of her class. As she enters the room, various choir students greet her with “hellos” and hugs. She admits [...]

Jameson tops Class of 2012, looking forward to attending Harvard in Fall

TweetSenior William Jameson walks into the choir room carrying the same brown paper bag lunch with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple inside that he has carried since Kindergarten. His backpack is packed full and he munches on his apple as he laughs making his way around the room talking to his [...]

ESL Senior Helpers

Tweet Senior students help their other ESL classmates on May 24. Photographer Romeeka Siddiqui was at hand to cover the event.

Choir Spring Show

Tweet The choir held their spring show on May 24. Photographers Eana Longley and Chrystal Rhone were at hand to cover the event.

Co-Op Presentation

Tweet The Vocational Program students presented the Walgreens’s Employer of the year with a plaque on May 22. Photographers Mimi Kang and Arielle Hackney were on hand to cover the event.