Top 4 reviews of senior year


2011 and 2012 has been filled with some very interesting music and movies. A lot of remakes of classic cartoons and old tv shows for movies and music wise a lot of collaborations as well as project groups. I love reviewing entertainment, mostly music because it’s one the many things that connects people. So here are my top five favorite reviews to write my final year on the newspaper staff:

Childish Gambino -Camp

Camp was such an amazing album. Strong beats, heartfelt lyrics and that cohesiveness that a lot of albums usually lack. This album made me a huge fan of Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover; I downloaded his free mixtapes, made my dad buy the album and even started watching the show he acts on Community on NBC. Camp was a little less experimental sounding as his previous releases, but for a commercial release it was way better than I could’ve ever expected.


Justin Beiber -Under the Misteltoe

As a reviewer it’s best to be unbiased and not include personal feelings without really getting to the core of the music and I think I found that balance when I wrote the review for Justin Beiber’s Christmas album Under the Misteltoe. I don’t really care for him and that was made clear in this review. This review had the most feedback and it’s always fun to had others opinions.



Melanie Fiona-The MF Life

Melanie Fiona’s single 4AM wasn’t my favorite song, but I did enjoy her new album The MF Life. It really stuck with that mix of contemporary R&B and classic. I especially love that she worked with John Legend, he’s on of my favorite singers. Overall this was a really well put together album and a has that light sound that’s perfect for the Spring.



Demi Lovato- Unbroken

I’m not a huge fan of Demi, but I was curious of whether or not she would be able to come back from rehab as strong as she was before vocally. This album was surprisingly good; not any Disney pop but actual music. I think having come back from something so difficult- especially publicly- was very brave of her and the album shows all her raw emotions as well as uplifts the listeners.

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