The most touching short film ever by Pixar

It was a sunday afternoon I was in the theater waiting to watch Wreck It Ralph. Like most Pixar movies, a short film began and this one made my heart stop for the first time. Love stories are something that is hard to capture these days in movies. But for some reason Pixar isn’t having a hard time capturing that feeling. Like Ellie and Carl Fredricson from UP, Pixar has created a short film that has the most inspirational love I haven’t seen in a long time. The Paperman is a short film to rave about. This film contains creative storyline and detailed animation. I wasn’t shocked by Pixar’s way to amuse me, I just so alive after watching it. I was happy after I watch such a masterpiece and it gave a message that I’m sure most of the little kids in the theater didn’t understand. Don’t let the now stop you from reaching your future.

The Paperman is a story about true love, that can not be stopped. A man and woman meet at a train station waiting to go to work. The wind was blowing hard and their file papers were dancing around like a tornado, and that was how they met. The first meeting is always funny, so I really like the light comedy to the title. But was most clever was how the man remembers the woman. One of his file papers flies in the woman’s face and her red lipstick is imprinted on his paper. He keeps that paper in remembrance of her. I found that to be cute. I really like this story. It was creative and carefully developed. Everything that they connected. I like that in a story, because it make the whole film enjoyable. My most favorite parts was the flying paper planes he created the fly to catch her attention and the end, which should be awarded for it’s graphics.

The flying magical paper planes proved the magic of animation. With color being black and white was cute, but I wasn’t focusing mainly on the background. I was too entranced with he flow of the graphics. It was clean and fun. The way the paper planes flew to bring the two together made everything weightless. It felt really and that is something I like about animation. It can bring anything 2-D 3-D.

Pixar really out did themselves. I was impressed that they could turn something so adult into something so childish and fun. I loved it and will keep watching this short film over and over again.