Mindless behavior

The modern musical phenom is back with a new album that paints their emergence of confidence in the search for their lyrical sound. Their freshman album, “#1 Girl” (September 2011), Mindless Behavior broke out with anthems that caused hysteria worldwide. They started out like any typical boy band new to the music business: with love songs about finding their “Mrs. Right.”

Along with some fantastic dance moves and help from some artists like Diggy Simmons and Ciara, MB began their search for their right lyrical sound. Their debut album had songs that mingled R&B grooves, hooks used in pop songs and the swag of hip hop music that began the “Go Mindless” revolution. After a tour across the US, they are back with a more mature sound but still looking for that one. “Keep Her On the Low,” the first single released from their sophomore album, “All Around the World,” has a strong rhythmic beat with a bass line that keeps the head bobbing.

To match this beat, are lyrics that gets the imagination to wondering why they want to keep her on the low. The title song is the second single released from this album, “All Around the World” and follows up “Keep Her On the Low” with another rhythmic beat with a strong bass line but has tempo changes from verse to chorus to verse. It changes from a dance jam to a slow groove during the chorus and hook back to a dance jam. The lyrics in this song have the members searching around the world for wherever his girl’s heart is. To match the lyrics is a beat that has you dancing from beginning to end. Mindless Behavior has grown up in their music but are still unsure if they have found their right musical and lyrical sound.

Although each song has to do with them finding that right girl, it still offers to be a party or a slow song the fits most occasions. You experience their first major headlining tour in their new movie, “All Around the World,” now playing in select theaters. Keep Calm and Stay Mindless!

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