The HOSA Community Awareness team consisting of sophomores Jackie Apero, Stephani Nuno and Roderick Coleman placed 4rth in the state contest among 24 teams connsisting of mostly juniors and seniors. (submitted photo)

After competing in the HOSA State Competition, the Community Awareness Team placed 4th in state out of 24 teams in the competition.

“I’m really proud of Jackie Arpero, Stephanie Nuno, and Roderick Coleman for all of their hard work, they really represented HOSA and Duncanville well,”  teacher Wakita Lamb said.

With the assignment centered around bringing awareness to the dangers of obesity to the community, Duncanville’s team decided the best way to achieve their goals was to create a real life simulation of what a healthy lifestyle should consist of. To do this, they had different sports that participants could play as well as pictures of what a healthy diet should consist of. With their success in the simulation, the team which consisted of only sophomores were happy to make it past the local level this year.

“We were shocked that we made it to state,” Nuno said. “We were going against juniors and seniors, so to place and advance was really good.”

Following the success of the local level competition, the team then went to state where they once again competed against upperclassmen. While the team wasn’t able to advance to nationals, they are really happy with the results.

“It was our first year and we’re all sophomores,” Coleman said. “All of the other teams were older than us, but next year we hope to advance even further.”



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