Club Fresh students walked hand in hand with special needs students during the Special Olympics district meet. (Karla Estrada photo)

Two boys walk hand in hand. One of them is wearing a Duncanville High School Club Fresh shirt and the other is a special needs student dressed in red and blue athletic clothes ready to participate in the Special Olympics District Meet. One of the boys is autistic. But in this moment, neither of them feel different, they are just partners for the day.

Club Fresh members paired with Duncanville special needs students for the Special Olympics district meet April 17. They were responsible for getting them to events safely and on time. They were also there to cheer on the students during their activities and make the day one to remember for them.

“Our members were there to be buddies for the special needs kids,” Club Fresh sponsor Kimberly Baker said. “They were there to make their day great and be their hero.”

Baker said she believes that the community service was a great opportunity because it benefited her students just as much as the special needs athletes.

“The students had a great time,” Baker said. “They bonded with the kids. They held their hands and joked around with them. True friendships were formed. I also think it was a great learning opportunity for them. They got to see life from a different perspective.”

Baker said she wants the experiences to stick with the students when they are at school.

“I hope they remember the happiness and the determination of the students to compete regardless of their physical limitations,” Baker said. “I also hope that when they see someone disabled being picked up on, they remember this event and decide to stand up for what’s right.”

See more photos from the event below:

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