Ariel Benson, staff writer

It’s getting cold, and the legs of students are aching. “The trip to Mecca” is getting old. Getting to the other side respective to their location shouldn’t be this much of a hassle. Instead of walking around the school, students should be allowed to walk through the main hallway whether coming from west or east campus. The main hallway is the only hallway that needs to be opened up. The students will then be able to exit from four locations. These locations include the doors near Sandra Meadows, the Main Entrance (Fish Bowl), the doors in-between the band and dance hall and the main West Campus Entrance.

With winter approaching, it would be beneficial for students to have a quicker route to their transportation. A long, brisk walk in the cold air is not healthy for the body. This mix can result in shortness of breath and cause trouble for those who have lung problems. Since we are located in Texas, the heat is another problem source. Walking feverously in late May with the sun beaming down isn’t categorized as healthy. So if the hall must remain closed for the rest of the year, it should at least be accessible during the harsh cold, heavy rain and blistering heat.

Walking from the far side of campus to the buses takes seven minutes, and that’s when students walk two times the normal pace. The amount of time given to reach the buses is not reasonable with such a large campus. However, a simple expansion of the time allowed will not suffice. Since the high school is the first to be let out, the bus schedule is dependent upon the time of departure from the high school. To delay the buses would result in a disruption of the schedule, and the times changed for ALL bus routes. The guardians of all the students in the district would then have to be notified after these changes were made. Opening a single hall, and four exits will not result in such issues.

Advanced students suffer the greatest because of their heavy loaded backpacks. Carrying multiple textbooks on the trek to the bus is not only tiring but also dangerous. Students who have to make this painful trip are too tired by the time they get off their bus to actually walk home. After all, isn’t the bus system designed to help those get home who live far distances? The length some students walk to get to the bus lane weakens the purpose of buses at all.

There is the concern of fights breaking out, but our administrators should have faith in the student population that they will not ruin such an opportunity. If they do, I have more faith in my principal; he should not punish the entire student population for the actions of a few.



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