Staff members have the opportunity to make a difference by providing children with gifts this Christmas.

This is the season for giving to the less fortune and helping someone in need. Why not start with the those who are right under your nose: the students you are around every day? This is capable thanks to the Panther Tree.  The teachers are taking money they would usually use on office christmas gifts (like Secret Santa) and putting it toward presents for the kids. This opportunity is open for staff members until Friday.

Superintendent Dr. Ray said he was highly motivated to launch the “Panther Tree” for the first year ever. It was clear to him there where students in our district who weren’t going to receive christmas presents.

“The purpose of the Panther Angel Tree is for us to come together to celebrate and share the true meaning of Christmas,” Ray said.

The students were selected by teachers to become “Panther Angels”; they range in age from pre-K students to a twenty year old who is trying their hardest to earn his high school diploma at PACE High School.

Within the first week eighty percent of the angels were taken from the tree which Ray believes is an impressive response!

“They are looking to continue and expand this tradition at Duncanville ISD,” Director of External Communications Lari Barager said.

Ray said that this opportunity has mutual benefits for all involved.

“We are looking forward to bringing joy into the lives of each of those students!” says Dr.Ray


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