Student Council standing outside Outreach before they donate their items. (photo submitted by Student Council)

Student Council hosted a class room competition scavenger hunt to gather items for Duncanville Outreach. They were able to pack three cars full of food items, clothing, as well as backpacks and other miscellaneous items. This is one of their many community service projects they have completed thus far.

“We loaded up the items in our cars and personally delivered them to Outreach,” junior class president Damian McElwee said. “Helping gave me a cliche feeling. That’s what everyone does in the movies. But it felt even better than how it looks in the movies because this is something I don’t usually do. It feels good to do something different.”

The council turns in reports on projects similar to this one at their district convention in the spring.

“It’s a way to document the activities and projects we do throughout the year to be recognized by the state,” advisor David Womack said. “If we meet a minimum requirement, we will be recognized. If we get recognized in all five of the areas, we will win sweepstakes.”

The council feels like this project has a much greater importance than their own benefit.

“They don’t get the same opportunities to enjoy the holiday season as others with better finances can do,” McElwee said. “As a community, we can come together and actually give back to those who want that feeling of Christmas.”

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