Two student council members dance at the event they hosted. (Josaphine Xayyaraj photo)

This past Friday, Student Council hosted Duncanville’s first ever winter formal, the Snowball and were pleased to say that it was a success. Although approximately 120 students attended, the atmosphere and vibe that was in the air that night made the dance a hit.From the music to the decorations, the West Gym was transformed into a place suitable to have fun with your close friends and kick back at the end of the first semester and there was a lot of students trying to relax by dancing their feet off.  Besides a dance floor and a couple of tables, the Snowball also had a photo booth that was set up by our own Publications staff on the upper floor of the gym, snacks from Chick-Fil-A and Culinary Arts, lights by Theater Tech and many other items set up by some of the organizations in DHS. Though there were a few mishaps such as the quick shortage of snacks, low variety of music, and the events that were also scheduled  that day, the Snowball, overall was well planned and lovely.

Although the Snowball was said to be semi-formal, the students and teachers there decked out in their best clothing and everyone there looked charming and put together. From personal experience I thought that the Snowball was greatly impressive and entertaining, and I was proud to have been a part of creating it. This was a great event to have experienced in my last year of high school and added on to the continuous fun I have had this year.  So far there has been only positive feedback from the students that went, contrasting to the negative outlooks we had had beforehand and the teachers that helped chaperone and Student Council is grateful to everyone who attended. The juniors involved in StuCo have decided that the winter formal will continue next year and hopefully it becomes a tradition here.

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