Court ruling violates teen’s fundamental right

Ariel Benson, staff editorialist

A fellow American’s right has been taken away, and the case hasn’t been taken seriously, or given much publicity. Cassandra C., a  17-year-old from Connecticut, was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma disease. Her doctors stated that the best chance of survival is to go through chemotherapy. However, out of fear that the chemicals will poison her body, Cassandra, with the support of her mother, decided to deny the treatment.  Connecticut officials responded by forcing the teen to undergo the treatment, justifying their decision by declaring that the minor has lack of judgment.

The Declaration of Independence specifically states that the citizens of this great country have the right to pursue happiness. This phrase does not say that only people that are of the legal age can pursue what they want in life; therefore, Cassondra’s right that was given to her by God and secured by Jefferson, has been taken away, essentially taking away her right of being a human. The Supreme Court has dehumanized her.

The question might arise as to why someone might want to kill themselves. It has been made clear that Cassondra is not trying to commit suicide. Both Cassandra and her mother are willing to take the risk by avoiding chemo and instead looking for another cure that does not hurt her body. She has every right to do what she wishes with her body considering the fact that her body is solely her’s, and if she doesn’t own it in a legal sense, her mother does. We as citizens are not owned by our government…

Research shows that chemotherapy can cure her cancer, but it can also take away her ability to reproduce. This concern is one of the main reasons why Cassondra and her family are terrified that she is being held in an American hospital against her will. The disgusting chemicals are being pumped into her blood, and everyday she is more likely to lose her ability to give birth and experience the joy a mother has when she holds her newborn child.

Cassandra’s initial reaction was to avoid the problem, which the court took as an indication that she is not ready to make a life changing decision. However, the Mature Minor Doctrine should enable her to make the choice herself.  It’s not being employed in her case, which is completely idiotic because she will turn 18 by the end of this year and will legally choose to stop the chemo therapy. Until then, the pain that she is undergoing (against the will of her and her mother) is both pointless and wrong.






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