District ranked #1 in financial performance

Duncanville ISD has been ranked as the number one Texas school district in Best Financial Performance by the Education Resource Group, Inc. The ranking demonstrates the district’s prudent fiscal management. Duncanville ISD was ranked fourth in the state when the Education Resource Group’s report was last released.  The Education Resource Group is an academic and [...]

WFAA’s report shows Duncanville ISD’s true financial state

Duncanville ISD was the victim of sensational reporting last week when KTVT Channel 11 aired an incorrect story about Superintendant Alfred Ray’s salary.   The reporter  from Channel 11 was not interested in reporting the facts as you can see in his story that ran on Channel 11.  He only used portions of this video which [...]

Performance Hall renamed Tom & Verda Shine Performance Hall

Dozens of family members, friends, co-workers and students packed into the high school performance hall to show Dr. Tom Shine and his wife Verda their appreciation for their years of service to the districts band programs. With twinkling trophies surrounding them, the smell of helium filled balloons and the sweet taste of vanilla cake on [...]

High Hats reminisce Superbowl half-time show with Black Eyed Peas

Dancing and performing at high school football games is nothing new to the High Hats, but when the girls along with the Swingers show choir were asked to perform at the Super Bowl 45 half- time show with The Black Eyed Peas, it was something they had never expected to do. “It was just jaw-dropping [...]

Texas budget cuts could leave students at a loss

Your favorite teacher, gone. Classes held with a maximum of 25 students, gone. Brand new iMac desktops, gone. This isn’t a threat right now, but from the way things are going in Austin all of these things could become a reality in our schools if the legislation goes forward with their $5 billion in budget [...]

Partner’s PE provides bonding for special needs students

Patiently waiting, Isaiah Whitehead watches the time and listens for the ring of the fourth period bell. When a group of fun, loud teenagers finally walk into Whitehead’s classroom, his eyes quickly scan the room for sophomore Deniz Sanchez. When they eventually find each other, she runs to Whitehead, her special needs friend, with a [...]

Yum Yum program offers more than just brownies and lunch, it’s a learning experience

If you follow your nose down to the end of the school to the last hallway on Main Street, you will find your way into the Yum Yum kitchen. There you will find several students scooping cookie dough, putting potatoes in an oven, and making change for a customer. Off to the side there are [...]

Deion Jackson-Houston remembered as Panther basketball begins

As the 2010 Panther basketball season begins, players line their lockers with jerseys and personal items. Among the clusters of lockers, there’s one that stands out from the rest. It’s built just like every other locker and has a letterman’s jacket proudly hanging up with the number 11 on it. Setting it apart from the [...]

Marching band finishes season with bronze medal at state marching contest

At 1 a.m in the morning Nov. 2,  over 300 band members, 60 chaperons, eight charter buses, ten directors and countless other supporters of the Marching Band arrived in San Antonio.  At 10 a.m., with a vast green field in front of them, the band  took center stage in front of five judges at the [...]

The STARS are shining on the high school campus

One way halls, now standing signs, remember the code signs and teachers standing in the hall more often than ever were just a few of the new things noticeable to students as they arrived on the first day of school this year. The atmosphere of the high school quickly changed as students and faculty began [...]