Career and Technology Apprentice program offers look at programs

Sparks fly, machines heat up and buzzing fills the garage as junior Deion Thompson looks over the shoulder of Jennifer Wilson, CEO of the district. With trembling hands and focused eyes, Wilson welds and grinds pieces of metal to eventually build a World War II airplane model. After spending the day in a welding class, [...]

Cosmetology department offers students opportunity to learn trade

As you walk down the hallway toward Panther Stadium, the smell of acetone and hair products wave over you. If you follow your nose you will find a room tucked away from the rest of the school. There you will hear hair dryers blowing, scissors snipping away, chairs being cranked to the appropriate height and [...]

Guest speaker visits Interact club

Filling the room with her Carribbean accent, guest speaker Caresse Bucchan visited Interact club for a preview of being a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. She reviewed the right paths to take for applying for scholarships and gave advise that Interact members found useful. “I thought she did great by telling us that being part of Interact [...]

AP Human Geography students flock yards with flamingos to raise money for Costa Rica trip

Instead of the normal door to door magazine sells or cookie dough  fundraisers, Mr. David Williams AP Human Geography students are engaging in flocking to raise money for their Costa Rica trip scheduled for Spring Break. “I love flocking, because you get to be sneaky, and it’s so much fun,” Colleen Hunt said. Every night the [...]

Young Life offers positive after-school environment for students

There’s always a weekly announcement for Young Life, flyers litter the hallways with the big YL logo, and people are always talking about it. Students meet for worship and fellowship, but the group still remains a mystery to some students. “It’s like my getaway. I love everything about Young Life,” junior young life leader Jazmine [...]

Poetry club has high hopes for future meetings

Their words flow like waters of a rushing river, crossing the subjects of love, crushes and perceptions. Their feelings are spilled into journals and later read aloud to others. In the poetry club, students are comfortable with sharing their thoughts, feelings and words on paper. “So far, I’m enjoying being president of poetry club,” President [...]