Adaptation of Jane Eyre book set to release in studios tomorrow

The tale of a feisty governess who finds true love in a spooky mansion, while pouring her heart out on the page in lush and romantical prose, Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre melds all the requisite elements of mystery, horror, and the classic medieval castle setting with heart-stopping romance. The story is also very appealing: the [...]

Neon Trees album ‘Habits’ sure to keep band at top of charts

Neon Trees peaked on Billboard’s Heatseekers at number one and have so far stayed on the chart for a consecutive 46 weeks, however this week they have found themselves in the eighth position, a drop from their sixth spot Jan. 24-31. Considering the Neon Trees has managed to stay on the chart for so long, [...]

Don’t know Album of the Year winner Arcade Fire?

If you don’t know the Album of the Year Grammy Winners, Arcade Fire, then you obviously do not listen to music. A number of upsets flew across social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook as the award was handed to them. But listen up folks, as much as you’d like to think Lady Gaga or [...]

Rango tops box office as Pixar’s newest animated movie

As a general rule, animated films are family films. The cost of animation is simply too high for a studio to invest in anything other than the lowest-common denominator fare. It’s rare that any studio other than Pixar will craft an animated feature that not only appeals to kids, but has the wits and edginess [...]

Adele matures with new album 21

British sensation, Adele released her sophmore album 21 in the U.S. February 22,2011. The British songbird continues with her soulful style and deep lyrical content. If you haven’t heard of Adele you are missing out on a true gem.

‘The Roommate’ pairs upcoming Hollywood stars together

Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester are two up and coming Hollywood stars. One of them is ultra popular at the moment, for her role of  Blair in CW’s successful show Gossip Girl. Ms. Kelly is, on the other hand a little less famous, but known for her good looks, and few minor roles such as [...]

Panic! At The Disco album set to release March 29

Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen recording group Panic! At The Disco have announced the release of their hugely anticipated new album Vices & Virtues. The album is set to hit stores and digital retailers  March 29. The album’s first single, entitled “The Ballad of Mona Lisa,” arrived at all digital retailer stores Feb. 1. The band recently [...]

Killzone 3 single player release offers early look at game

In this day and era, platform first person shooters seem to be dominated by the “Halo” and “Call of Duty” series. Few other shooters can even stand in the shadows of these franchise’s success. But “KILLZONE 3” looks promising to be one of the contenders. The final game in the series, KILLZONE 3 offers both [...]

Born This Way leaves some listeners disappointed

Released at 1:12am Friday, Feb. 11, Lady Gaga’s long awaited new single, “Born This Way” hit her Vevo account as an audio only video. It attracted viewers like a shiny light attracts moths. While Youtube has had a considerable amount of glitches regarding view count lately, the total amount of listens the song has gotten [...]

New movie trailers debut during Superbowl 45

Fourteen movie trailers aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, meaning even if you don’t like football, you’ll probably got enough of an entertainment fix to keep your brain occupied for a few hours. In between making short-lived trips to the restroom and Googling queso dip recipes, Hollywood has always been adamant about revealing to [...]