WFAA’s report shows Duncanville ISD’s true financial state

Duncanville ISD was the victim of sensational reporting last week when KTVT Channel 11 aired an incorrect story about Superintendant Alfred Ray’s salary.   The reporter  from Channel 11 was not interested in reporting the facts as you can see in his story that ran on Channel 11.  He only used portions of this video which [...]

Texas budget cuts reduce quality of education for students

As the adage goes, “everything’s bigger in Texas.” Budget cuts are surely no exception for that rule with legislation preparing to cut $5 billion from schools including cuts to college funding, science labs and more. Texas is already ranked  at the bottom of the country in education and cutting funding will mean an even worse [...]

Sports Columnist Taylor Harris addresses media hype on National Signing Day

Lights. Camera. Action. One day, just one, where they are idolized like the multi-million $ movie stars. Interviews, speeches accompanied by big cheesy smiles. It’s a big show. We’re not talking about Super Bowl champs. These are simply the top high school football prospects in the recruiting class of 2011. That day is Feb. 2, [...]

Personal Column by Lindsay Graf-Juarez:The ending reflection

Everyone has is a list of firsts. First steps. First birthdays. First words. And then there is a list of firsts I had to plow through by myself. First love. First heartbreak. First day of high school. First acceptance letter. And another list she should be apart of. Prom Night. Senior Recognition. Graduation Day…. As [...]

Erika Torres Personal Column: Those with disabilities have feelings to

My sister Carolina, is 26 years old and she’s the most loving person I know. Like everyone else she has feelings too. Having a sibling with a disability isn’t easy. Others do not understand that just like any other young adult, my sister has problems too. In my point of view her life might be [...]

Internet filtering system causing issues in education

Students hear every day about the threat of sex, drugs, violence and profanity on the Internet. But we would  have never thought sites such as our own newspaper website would be blocked because it contains mature content and lingerie. Not that it really does the filtering system just decided that for some reason. Other news [...]

STARS is brightening up the school

To the right to the right, everybody walk and talk to the right. It sounds like a song. But it is in fact just one part of the new program being used at the high school this year Staying to the right in the halls, catch and release are just part of the Spirit Teamwork [...]