Texas budget cuts reduce quality of education for students


The state Legislature is cutting educational funding an alarming amount. (H'nguon Mlo cartoon)

As the adage goes, “everything’s bigger in Texas.” Budget cuts are surely no exception for that rule with legislation preparing to cut $5 billion from schools including cuts to college funding, science labs and more. Texas is already ranked  at the bottom of the country in education and cutting funding will mean an even worse drop in the quality of education in the state. The state needs to find a way to avoid cuts such as this.

We are living in a time of change. Our society’s expectations and values are evolving on a major issue that affects everyone. Schools are struggling to provide adequate resources, buildings, and programs to students nationally. Young people require nurturing. School funding cuts will only hinder students from being prepared for real world experiences.

Duncanville Chief Operating officer Jennifer Wilson says that the school district falls in the lower third of funding per students already. She admits that any cut in funding will affect what they can offer to the students.  These cuts could include the reduction in staff, increase in class sizes and reduction of programs.  This is not the answer for our school district or any other district. This only means problems for the health of the educational system in Texas.

Although our administration says they have some reserve to operate with for the immediate cuts, Superintendent Dr. Alfred ray admits that the reserve will not last long when the budget is cut and they have to use it. This monetary nightmare has a deadly price, and every single student in the public education system will have to pay the price.

Colleges are no exception to the funding crisis. Brazosport College, Ranger College, Frank Phillips College and Odessa, which are all two year schools, will be closed if the budget cuts pass. The cost of attending such colleges is more economical for graduating seniors and this could mean that they are forced to defer their college plans or not attend at all because of the increase in larger colleges such Texas A&M and The University of Texas.

Right now students and teachers are already expected to achieve more with less. The budget reductions force administrations to cut programs that are seen as least important. If funding is reduced, the quality of education is reduced. Our government should be looking to improve programs for students of lower socioeconomic status and offering more support for classroom teachers to make the process better not worse.

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  1. Taylor Harris says:

    best line! ” Right now students and teachers are already expected to achieve more with less.” so TRUE! Why is Texas ranked on the bottom of the education system thoough?? Good story Juan!

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