Neon Trees album ‘Habits’ sure to keep band at top of charts


Neon Trees releases March 16 in stores

Neon Trees peaked on Billboard’s Heatseekers at number one and have so far stayed on the chart for a consecutive 46 weeks, however this week they have found themselves in the eighth position, a drop from their sixth spot Jan. 24-31.

Considering the Neon Trees has managed to stay on the chart for so long, it’s time to review their album “Habits” which has had a notable hit, “Animal,” and their second single will be “1983” a song which is slowly gaining attention on the radio.

‘Habits’ was released Mar. 16 of last year and it’s incredible how much popularity the small band is gaining. It seems that almost immediately after their debut release of the album, they were making a name for themselves in the rock/alternative section. With a sound like The Temper Trap and the Black Keys, it is definitely a challenge to rise above and fight for the top spot, but the Neon Trees is doing their best with a wonderful album to back them up in the fight.

With only 8 tracks, the band leaves you begging for more.  From the first track, “Sins of My Youth” to the last, “Our War,” the Neon Trees grabs your attention and holds it. While “Animal” may be the track that draws you in, there are plenty more that need attention. A personal favorite would be “In The Next Room” which starts out with a snappy beat and continues with some excellent drums.

Here is a short youtube clip of the hit song.

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