Economics class learns hands on business experience


Students in Mr. Strunc's class participated in a mock supply and demand exercise where they wer able to act as both consumers and suppliers. Senior Tiffany Junior sales her goods in class to a classmate. (Ana Monzon Photo)

Every student had their own promotional speech. They had posters advertising their product with one thing in mind. Not getting the perfect score on Mrs.  Abbie Strunc’s economics project but being the one in her class that demonstrates the the  best example supply and demand.

“Students seem to learn supply and demand much easier when we do the bake sale,”  Strunc said. “Especially when students struggle during the learning process of supply and demand.”

The bake sale encompasses all of the accumulating factors of supply and demand. Mrs. Strunc’s class works on the project as part of her teaching students how to function as suppliers. Each student must determine a how much work goes into their product and determine the price they wish to sell that product. They also get to function as consumers  in class see they are given fake money from Mrs. Strunc to purchase products from other students.

“Most of the time people function as consumers in the marketplace so it can be difficult to think like suppliers,” Mrs. Strunc said. “But this is a day when students usually realize they spent all this time making their product, so they decide to sell it for a higher price.”

Senior Samantha Benavides wasn’t very thrilled at the idea of the bake sale when it was first introduced.

“After starting, I realized how fun this actually was,” Benavides said. “It also helped me learn more about what goes on in the marketplace because I actually got to experience it for myself.”

Senior Tiffany Junior found supply and demand to be confusing before participating in the bake sale.

“When Mrs. Strunc shows us she really gets us involved,” Junior said. “When we were doing the bookwork I was completely lost. But once she sent us home with the project it really helped us get it into perspective.”

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