Gatorade commercials to air late Spring featuring DHS athletes


Senior D.J. Edwards takes a break in the locker room for the Gatorade photographer. The commercials and ads featuring DHS athletes are scheduled to run later in the Spring. (Keshir McKnight photo)

Senior Dj Edwards normally would dress in his jersey and wrap his ankles for a football game, but this time he puts on make-up and poses for the Gatorade television ad.

“It was a new experience for me,” Edwards said. “I was not used to having a camera in my face and striking so many poses. But I loved it.”

Gatorade called and said they were visiting schools around the country for a television advertisement and the athletic program here was selected. Coach Self-Morgan said that she was thrilled to have over 100 students involved in the photo shoot which will be featured in advertisements later this Spring.

“It was a really neat once in a lifetime experience for our athletes to be a part of,” Self-Morgan said. “However it was a lot more work than I thought it was going to be.”

Drill work, sideline talk, and leaning against the wall drinking Gatorade were some of the poses shot during football and basketball practices. Baseball and soccer pictures were also taken.

“It was something different that I do believe was a good experience for Duncanville,” Self-Morgan said.

The head coaches were asked to get paper work done for parental permission and releases on a set number of athletes in different sports. Gatorade then came and took mug shots of athletes and came back with a list of students they wanted to use for their final product promotion.

“It was a fun day because we got to miss a day of school to pose for a commercial,” senior Brinee Dancer said. “It was fun to be a part of and it was a great experience.”

During the commercial players were asked to play sports that were out of the normal for them. Swimmers were used for basketball and some softball players were used for soccer. Sophomore Catherine Bartosh is a familiar face in the pool but this time she took on a different role.

“I felt awkward and I was a little scared because I was with all the basketball players,” Bartosh said. “But it ended up being fun. They were really friendly and made me feel more comfortable.”

The photos will be used for advertisements and commercials nation wide. The commercials will be aired on television later in the Spring.

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