Mala Mala puts new twist on Latin Club Party

Cupcakes, candy corn, and chocolate!

The Latin Club, sponsored by Latin and English teacher Mrs. Shelly Sable had their “Mala Mala” party Oct. 14. The event was the second one for the latin Club this year and was planned by President and Vice President, seniors Lindsay Graf-Juarez and Angelica Jasso.
“Mala Mala is kind of a joke we have. Mala means bad but it can also means apples, so we’re bad apples getting together to have a good time.” senior James Clark said.
The party, hosted in Mrs. Sable’s room from 6pm-8pm had a costume contest, an apple carving competition, and Guitar Hero fun.
“It’s just good to see the students coming out to appreciate Latin.” Mrs. Sable said.

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