Getting ready for prom!

TweetSoo prom is but a week away and there’s sooo much to do when it comes to getting ready for prom! Hair, make-up, shoes, accessories, not to mention a dress! I’ve got some great tips for you so you can be a happy girl on what could be the most memorable night of your senior [...]

Must haves for the rainy weather

TweetStay cute and stay dry in the present stormy weather with just a few must have accessories! Rain boots with keep your feet warm and comfy, letting you splash all around while looking fab. Umbrellas! Pick one that’ll match your style and flaunt it! Anything print will add some class, anything bright will be sure [...]

Weekly Mixes & Matches

TweetDo you ever wear a piece of clothing only once because you don’t know what else to wear it with? Perfect example, what about that semi formal club dress in the back of your closet or your older brothers button down shirt he left when he went off to school? Well you’ll be glad to [...]

Get fit and be fab

TweetNot happy with the shape your in? Worrying about getting that perfect shape before bikini season? Well I’ve got the perfect health and beauty tips for you that’ll leave you excited to show off your hot bod for the summer! We all know working out can be a drag, well now it doesn’t have to. [...]

TV reality series Fashion Star

TweetFashion Star, tv reality fashion series, becomes a hit on NBC as unknown designers showcase their talent in front of fashion’s biggest industries in hope to be chosen by celebrity mentors and buyers. Host and executive producer, Elle MacPherson announces each designer as they prepare their very own fashion show with music performances, models, and [...]

Spring Splurges

TweetWhats hot and trendy right now? Well with the weather getting warmer and the Spring sun staying up a little later, colorful sunglasses and neon blazers are the two go to accessories for the season. Throw on a bright, fun blazer over any of your outfits and grab a pair of colorful shades before you [...]

Quiroz takes center stage during local modeling session

TweetAs she stepped up to the stage she was dazed by the bright lights of the runway. While stunned, Senior Suzy Quiroz confidently strutted down the catwalk, encouraged by the loud cheering from her family and friends. Walking half way through her routine, she stops to face either side of the runway, giving the audience [...]

Fashion Column: Date Night Style Guide

TweetValentines isn’t the only time of the year to do something special with your lover. I’ve got amazing hair, make-up, and outfit tips for you to show off any day of the week. If your single, don’t fret! This guide isn’t just for the love birds, its perfect for you and your best friend’s to [...]

Trend Report: Colored Jeans

TweetColored jeans have been the most common piece of clothing I’ve seen on almost all retail store websites. Yes! Im talking about H&M, Pacsun, & of course forever21, who happens to have the biggest selection. Though its still a bit chilly out, Spring is just around the corner, and colored jeans will totally be in. [...]

Weekly Buzz

TweetMy bestfriend has a craze for nail polish and is absolutely obsessed whenever she learns about a new design. So when Zooey Deschanel revealed a super cute nail design to the Golden Globes, my bff hurridely called to see if she could test them out on me. I thought it was super adorable but other [...]