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Rizo undergoes major surgeries to remove eye tumor

After the discovery of a tumor behind her eye, senior Diana Rizo began taking home bound instruction from Economics teacher John Strunc. The to of them have learned many things together as Diana remains at home away from the things she loves...


Bullying becomes real issue for high school students, School takes precautions to stop the violence

*Note the names of the students in this story have been changed in an effort to protect their identity from their bullies. Bully expert Tory Grant came to the high school and spoke to freshman students about the affects of bullying. The school...


Tristan Russell Recovers From Head Injury

Tristan Russell, four year-old son of theater teachers Lucy and Sean Russell fell from his third story bedroom window last month. He sustained major brain trauma as a result and has been recovering from the fall. Panther Prints photographers...


District releases budget update

A look inside the Duncanville ISD budget. Headlines across the Dallas Fort-Worth area include a number of school district budget crises and the $10 billion state education budget shortfall. So where does Duncanville ISD stand with these budget...


District ranked #1 in financial performance

Duncanville ISD Duncanville ISD has been ranked as the number one Texas school district in Best Financial Performance by the Education Resource Group, Inc. The ranking demonstrates the district’s prudent fiscal management....


WFAA’s report shows Duncanville ISD’s true financial state

An up close look at the Superintendent's salary Duncanville ISD was the victim of sensational reporting last week when KTVT Channel 11 aired an incorrect story about Superintendant Alfred Ray’s salary.   The reporter  from Channel...


Performance Hall renamed Tom & Verda Shine Performance Hall

The performance hall will now be the Tom and Verda Shine Performance hall after the renaming this weekend. The shines were emotional as the received their plaque at the ceremony. (Abigail Padgett photo) MORE PHOTO Dozens of family members, friends,...


Texas budget cuts could leave students at a loss

Graphic by Thoa Mlo Your favorite teacher, gone. Classes held with a maximum of 25 students, gone. Brand new iMac desktops, gone. This isn’t a threat right now, but from the way things are going in Austin all of these things could become...


Yum Yum program offers more than just brownies and lunch, it’s a learning experience

If you stroll down to the room where Yum Yum operates you will find special needs students learning many crafts including embroidering. The students learn to cook lunch, sew and much more. (Heahter Butler photo) If you follow your nose down...


Marching band finishes season with bronze medal at state marching contest

New Band Director Jeff King is congradulted by assistant David Brandon and former band director Tom Shine after finding out that they were named third in the state marching contest. (Erika Torres photo) At 1 a.m in the morning Nov. 2,  over...


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