Video: Pantherettes City Celebration

Tweet The Pantherettes were honored with a special celebration at the Hilton along with a parade after winning the UIL 5A State Basketball title. Mimi Kang covered the event.

Video: Art Show

Tweet The art deparment held their annual judged art show. Mimi Kang captured video of the event.

Video: One Act Play

Tweet The Theater Department performed their UIL One Act play in front of an audience for the first time. Mimi Kang recoreded highlights from their first official showing.

Video: Student Council Faculty baked potatoe luncheon

Tweet The Student Council held an appreciation luncheon for the faculty. They cooked baked potatoes and made salads as well as provided desert to all faculty during their lunch. Mimi Kang provided video footage. Photos are by Anna Schoby, Cherokee Polk, Issac Bivins and Melanie Smith.

Video: 2012 Freshman Talent Show

Tweet Club Fresh hosted their second Talent show this year. There were more entries in the show this year than last year and the audience packed in the performance hall. Videographer Eana Longley was on hand to record the events and Kris Vasquez edited the video.

Video: Q&A with Principal Mike Chrietzberg

Tweet With an interim principal joining the staff at the high school, Mike Chrietzberg will now move to central administration and begin his new role there. Managing Editor Allie Peregory sat down with Mr. Chrietzberg during his last days as the principal at DHS for a few questions. the video was edited by Mimi Kang.

Video: Take 5 with new Interim Principal James Randolph

Tweet Managing Editor Allie Peregory sat down with the new interim principal, during his first day on the job to ask him five basic questions. The video was edited by Mimi Kang.

Video: Young Life meeting

Tweet Young life meets every Monday in the west cafeteria. Mimi Kang attended the recent meeting and provided video footage from the meeting.

Video: Panterettes vs. Cypress Falls (64-40)

Tweet The Panthettes routed Number 15 Cypress Falls 64-40 in their quest to win a state championship. Photographers Chase Apperson and Ana Monozon recorded the game’s highlights and Hector Sifuentes and Kevin Quintero edited the footage.

Video: Pantherettes sendoff

TweetThe Pantherettes received a huge sendoff to Austin. Editor Julio Munoz provided video coverage of the sendoff and Kevin Quintero edited the video.