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Photos: Culinary Cake Decorating

Culinary Arts bake and decorate cakes on Jan. 14. Photographers Ciarra Thibodeaux, Erika Sierra, Ashlee Carter, Lasheena Frost, and Issac Bivins were at hand to cover the event.


Photos: Needham Rocket Launch

Mr. Needham’s physics class launch their rockets on Nov. 26-28. Photographers Marcela Contreras, Issac Bivins, Lasheena Frost, Kayla Finn, Evelyn Morris, Chrystal Rhone, Juan Escalante, Morgan Montgomery, and Simone Parker were at hand...


Photos: Sunshine Boys Play

The Sunshine Boys play was performed on Nov. 9. Photographers Issac Bivins and Cody Rodgers were at hand to cover the performance.


Swimming Meet at Mansfield

The Duncanville Swim Team traveled to the Mansfield Invitational Swim Meet on October 13, 2012.


Photos: Swimming Meet at Mansfield

The swimming meet was held on Oct. 13. Photographers Ciarra Thibodeaux, Issac Bivins, and Cody Rogers were at hand to cover the meet.


Photos: College Night

[flagallery gid=384 name=Gallery] College Night was held on Sept. 20. Photographers Issac Bivins, Marcela Contreras, and Westin Hill were at hand to cover the event.  


Video: Student Council Faculty baked potatoe luncheon

The Student Council held an appreciation luncheon for the faculty. They cooked baked potatoes and made salads as well as provided desert to all faculty during their lunch. Mimi Kang provided video footage. Photos are by Anna Schoby, Cherokee...


Stuco Faculty Lunch

[flagallery gid=281 name=Gallery] Student Council prepared lunch for faculty on Feb. 21. Photographers Anna Schoby, Cherokee Polk, Issac Bivins, and Melanie Smith were at hand to cover the event.


Photos: Regional Swim Meet @ Mansfield

[flagallery gid=233 name=Gallery] The swim team traveled to Mansfield where they competed in the regional swim meet. Photographers Taijae Douglas, Issac Bivins and Chrystal Rhone traveled with them to cover the event.


Culinary Arts Cookies

[flagallery gid=245 name=Gallery] Culinary Arts prepared the ordered Valentine cookies on Feb. 9. Photographers Issac Bivins and Melanie Smith were on hand to cover the event.



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